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2018 Men's Summer League Info


League Commissioner: Collin Madsen,  

Team Registration Cost: $25.00 (opens April 16th)

Individual Player Registration: April 30th - June 20th

- Early Bird Registration - $85 (April 30th - May 9th)

- Regular Registration - $100 (May 10th - May 30th)

- Late Registration - $120 (June 2nd - June 20th)

Games: Will begin the week of June 18th (tenative till fields confirmed)

  • 2018 Summer League will be held at Albion MS - ALL GAMES
  • Games will be played Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Evenings between 6-9pm **Wednesday games will only be used as needed, depedning on size of league. Players/teams can expect the majority of games to be Tuesdays and Thursdays**        
  •  ​*Game dates may vary the weeks of July 2nd & July 23rd with the hollidays
  •   Most nights there will be two games per field (2 fields)
    • ​Game 1: 6:30 pm
    • Game 2: 7:45 pm

*Schedules will be released 1 week from the first day of games*


The goal of Men's Summer League is to provide the Utah Lacrosse Community with an opportunity for post high school participation in the sport, and to allow participating players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.  The IMLAX Men's Summer League is a competitive, yet fun and relaxed atmosphere for clubs & players from all across the state.  Teams are generally composed of a mix of recent high school graduates, current college players, post college players, and even some beginners.  Although the atmosphere is fun loving and relaxed, games are competitive, fast paced, and full contact.  Win/loss records are kept in order to determine post season and championship play for the most successful teams each season. 


Each team MUST have a minimum roster of 16 players, and is organized through a team captain who acts as the primary contact with the League Commissioner.  Each team will play 10 games in the regular season, with the top 6 teams in each division qualifying for post season play.  Unless make up games are necessary for weather cancellations, no team should be scheduled to play more than twice during a week. 

The league is divided into two separate divisions based on skill level (Division I & Division II)

  • Division I - Competitive Division
    • Teams largely comprised of current and recent collegiate players
  • Division II - Semi-Competitive Division
    • Teams largely comprised of players with little to no collegiate lacrosse experience, or 5+ years removed from collegiate play

*Both Divisions will have playoffs, and there is never any cross-division play (i.e. DI vs. DII)*


Location and schedules will be given to the players prior to the start of each season. Each game is officiated by 2 referees.  The games consist of running-time 12 minute quarters, with 2 minute breaks between quarters and a 5 minute half time.  Each team is allowed 1 time out per half.  A team must have at least 8 players from its official roster, including a goalie, to start a game.  If at least 8 players including the goalie are not present, a team forfeits the game.  Any team forfeiting more than 3 regular season games will be disqualified from post season play. 

Players must have graduated from High School in order to play in the Men’s Summer League. If a current High School player is caught playing on your team, that player will lose one year of high school eligibility (higher punishment may be given by the UHSLLCouncil). The team will also be punished by the IMLAX and the Men’s League Council. Please make sure to monitor your teammates!!




Division I: The Grateful Heads 


DivisionII: The Greasy Biscuits


Congrat’s to ALL Men's League teams on a GREAT summer of lacrosse.